Animal victims of Chennai Floods 2015 need your help!

Pets and Community Animals Affected

The unexpected heavy rains ended up flooding houses up to 10 to 13 feet in Chennai. While some pet owners managed to rescue their pets several other pets had to be left behind by anxious owners.

Homeless community animals faced the wrath of the flood and quite a few of them lost their lives in this tragedy

Rescue Teams in Action

Animal Rescue teams are now working to rescue the pets from the abandoned houses and provide them food, water and medical aid as needed

Mass feeding programs are being conducted by rescue groups in addition to providing supplies such as blankets, clean water and food for homeless animals.

Having had no electricity in houses the entire first week of December, the limited number of volunteers have hardly slept and are throughly exhausted.

Urgent need for Funds!

Funds are the need of the hour to support animal rescue team in supplying food and medical care immediately to animals that survived.

With worries about funds out of the way, these brave animal welfare groups can continue focussing on their rescue work in addition to rehoming the rescued animals.

You can help fund rescues in Chennai no matter which part of the world you live in. Click here to help.

How are animals affected by the Chennai Floods 2015?

Pregnant cow rescued by the 'People for Cattle in India' team

Large Scale Evacuations has led to pets being left behind

  •  The unexpected flood situation has taken our large community animals population by surprise. Having lived in streets all their lives, many of the strays had no place to take shelter.
  •  Sudden evacuations of entire families forced many to leave their pets behind because the boats were not available for animal rescue. Some pets frightened by the confusing series of unfamilier events ran into the flooded streets.
  •  Mother dogs and cats have died leaving behind their new born whose only hope is the animal rescue team that are putting their heart and soul into rescue plans.
  •  Several pets are lost and need to be tracked and rescued. With no survival training, these pets have no way of living on the streets where food availability has become nil.

Why are funds needed?

Every rescued animal needs funds for multiple reasons

  •  Pet Food for thousands of abandoned pets and homeless animals
  •  Veterinary Care for animals big and small that were hurt and injured in the floods
  •  Supplies such as cardboards, blankets, medicines (including vaccinations), clean water for animals that were rescued
  •  Boarding costs to board rescues until they get better and can be rehomed
  •  Transportation costs for transporting rescued animals from the streets to vet, transporting food and volunteers to point of rescue